Tutorial posts on physics, machine learning, and related topics


Intro to Sampling using Hamiltonian Monte-Carlo

Tutorial on HMC, which uses Hamiltonian dynamics to efficiently sample from high-dimensional distributions

Reading Group: Adversarial Spheres

Notes on the 2018 paper Adversarial Spheres, which shows how adversarial examples may be inevitable given an imperfect, high-dimensional classifier

Random matrix theory via undergrad physics

Uses basic results from undergraduate quantum and statistical mechanics classes to explore the Gaussian Orthogonal Ensemble, one of the canonical probability distributions studied in random matrix theory.

Properties of Haar-Random Quantum States

A tutorial notebook written for fellow experimentalists in quantum information to explore some properties of random quantum states.

K12 Outreach Videos

Basics of rockets, including model rocket demo (Grades 6-8)

How Eratosthenes used the sun’s rays to measure the Earth’s circumference around 240 BCE (Grades 6-8)

Electromagnetic waves and the propagation of information (Grades 8-12)